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Behind every headline
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We're making good data easy to give and transformational to utilize.

We believe in the power of communication, and the strength of community. With Sigbee, we're building joyful, engaging, and empowering ways to collect simple snippets of information and turn them into transformational outcomes.

Behind every headline is a human.

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We're making good data easy to give and transformational to utilize.




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Securing and sharing signals in whole new ways.

The SigBee Companion is a simple to use App that promotes fun and engaging  interactions that help social workers and families alike gauge their situations in greater detail than ever before possible.

By offering specific prompts and tracking detailed analytics, the SigBee Companion  gives social workers more persistent and more intimate access to families, family  members, and caretakers.

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The SigBee Processing Platform

Creating breakthrough services and insights.

Complimentary to the SigBee Companion App is the SigBee Dashboard where Program Administrators and Caseworkers can quickly and easily view and track  progress and review trends detected in the  signals collected by the Companion.

An Engine of Change

The SiGBEE Philosophy

Strengthening families begins with safety.


The Foundation

Safety is the foundation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  Without the basic needs covered, nothing else  matters.


The policy challenge

Critical decisions are made  with limited information. How do you respond if  you fear for the safety of a child in their home?


a Rational Fear

We need better information  to properly assess the risk factors in a dynamic  environment when we can’t be with clients 24/7.


Good information matters

The stakes are high for missing the signals that  should trigger a different intervention

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  • Attunement and routine within the family are major signals that indicate safety

  • Collecting signals between social worker visits improves safety

  • Using and understanding data improves safety

  • Engaging the family improves safety

  • Improving the supervision and support of social workers improves safety  

  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can increase the value of the information we collect

A force multiplier for
organizations that care.

The SiGBee Soloution

The way it is today.

  • The system only has true visibility through the Social Worker.

  • Decisions are made reactively in times of crisis, without an  opportunity to proactively intervene.

  • The only time information is collected is during mandated  visits, and we miss much of what happens between them.

  • Families are not fully empowered to be active participants  in their own care.

  • The focus of the existing system is on the children, rather  than the family as a whole.

The SiGBEE Solution

The SigBee Difference

  • SigBee is an easy to use technology companion for at-risk families, that  collects signals daily to measure attunement and routine in the home.

  • SigBee is an enhancement to home based services (Including  Family Preservation and Foster Care programs)

  • SigBee combines the art of the clinician with the science of  technology to create clinical rigor.

  • SigBee engages families to become active participants in their  treatment through journaling and play.

  • SigBee is a back office tool to decrease busy work for the  clinician and increase the effective service delivery.

  • Reporting and oversight dashboard capability

meet the people

The SigBee Team


Chief Executive Officer
Alistair has 20+ years building EHR systems for behavioral health and child welfare. He is inspired by the potential to  engage clients collaboratively and meaningfully improve the care dynamic beyond the capability of legacy systems.


Chief Operating Officer
Gwen has 20+ years as an innovative executive in child welfare and behavioral health organizations. She is inspired  to use smart data to unlock the full potential of social workers in the care process.


Chief Technology Officer
Mark brings 20+ years leading software company launches with emphasis on data collection  and business intelligence.


General Manager, SigBee Performance
Brett translated an NCAA championship and 10 years as a professional lacrosse player into a 15 year career as an entrepreneur in the areas of sports and entertainment coaching and development - working with athletes, artists, and teams to drive increased individual, team and organizational performance.


Chief Creative Officer
Award winning in advertising, filmmaking, and product design. A history of bringing ideas to  life and crafting critical communication around big ideas and products that inspire communities.


An L.A. based team building personified  artificial intelligence based companions with  empathy, in conjunction with researchers  around the world and with multiple universities.


A multi-state, multi-program behavioral  health organization. Both a pilot customer  and a collaboration partner.


Customer Experience Manager
No relation to Brett.  Devin brings experience in early stage enterprise software to help optimize the client organization experience.

The Future of Sigbee

Capabilities in development.

Advanced Analytics

A platform to allow deeper insights into family and social worker progress

SigBee Responder

A cutting edge context appropriate text  response system for 24/7 family assistance

SigBee Connect

Secure communication links with social  workers, monitored by AI for signals

Treatment Plans

Delivery system for clinically approved  interventions and treatment plans


Evidence Based Practice designation  from national and state clearinghouses


Partnership with Attachment, Regulation  and Competency (ARC) Framework

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