Working together to make work better.

Our mission is to improve the health, happiness, and performance of organizations at every level. We do this by providing visionary leaders with the tools to put their teams first.

We believe lasting change can only be made if we make it together.  So, with your help, we are building the leading organizational health and team engagement tool.

Happy (and healthy) employees are good for business.

54% of employees that leave their jobs leave because they feel undervalued at work. As we know, replacing an employee can cost up to 150% of that person’s salary. Not only are there direct costs to employee turnover, but the constant churn can leave the employees that stay feeling disengaged. Why bother learning your cubicle mate’s name if they’re just going to be gone in a month?

Burnout is killing teams, organizations, and bottom lines.

The good news is that you have the power to change things. To invest in your teams, let them know you are listening and want to make things better for them.

Salary isn’t the only consideration for employees when they are deciding to accept, or remain, at a job anymore. They want to be somewhere their work has meaning, where their contributions are valued, and where their health and happiness are as important to their bosses as the work they get done.

The workplace is evolving. SigBee enables organizations of all sizes to dynamically adjust to create and empower happier, more productive teams. Welcome to the SigBee Revolution.

The pandemic changed a lot, we realized change was overdue.

SigBee was born out of the turmoil caused by global pandemic. We were already prototyping a smart AI system to help businesses connect with and check in with clients. We understood this would be a powerful tool to help improve employee health, happiness, and engagement.

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A desire to make work better.

We knew we had something great on our hands.

It takes guts to take what you’ve built and go in a completely different direction with it, but that’s exactly what we did. In the Fall of 2020 we deployed our first prototype in Indiana.

Spreading the word and raising the cash.

At the end of 2021, SigBee opened the doors for investors.

Within a few days, the investment round was fully subscribed.  Investors included CEOs and senior executives of banks, real estate companies, industrial multinationals, health and human services organizations, and technology companies. They shared a passion for building “People First” companies, and a belief that the SigBee team was ideally equipped for the job.

Putting the band together.

Our prototype showed us that checking in worked.

In order to make SigBee a reality we knew we needed to build an awesome team. In 2021 we crossed the 't's and dotted the 'i's to form SigBee and hire the first of our team, each from diverse backgrounds.

Success is just the first step.

Saying you’re going to do something is one thing. Doing it is another.

By the end of 2021 we had version 1.5 of SigBee ready to go. Big changes require big moves, so we signed Larimer County as our first customer. Larimer County was a great test bed and we’re pleased as punch that SigBee was a smashing success.

Today, tomorrow, and years to come.

We’re still hard at work making work better.

We’ve shown what a select few visionary organizations can do with SigBee. We’re excited to see what the world can do with it. Every organization that joins us makes SigBee better. Our hope is that SigBee becomes as much of a selling point for new hires as the 401(k) or dental. We believe it can do that much good. With your help, we’ll get there.

Checking in is human.

“When I first became a CEO, my mentor taught me to get to the office early and hang out by the coffee pot to ‘get the pulse’ of my team. Those first few minutes told me if the day was going to be smooth sailing, or an uphill climb. Without the human element numbers don’t mean a thing.” - Alistair Deakin, CEO SigBee

We check in all the time. We check in with each other, for our flights, and to catch a movie. Even plumbers will check in with you before they swing by to make sure you’re home.

Where we don’t check in is at work, the place we spend at least ⅓ of our day. Your boss asks for progress reports, peeks over your shoulder, or asks how your dog is (you have a cat) - That isn’t what we mean by checking in.

Checking in is about how you’re doing as a person, not a cell in a spreadsheet.

Humans check in with each other, because as we’ve known for thousands of years, if one member of the community isn’t doing well, the group isn’t doing well. Beyond self preservation, checking in allows the group to do more, together.

It matters that your commute was a nightmare, just like it matters that you landed that big client and are feeling super proud of that.

Identifying issues before they become problems lets the group come together to help.

Teams work better together when we recognize that they are made up of people. We’re all in this together.

Every organization is built by awesome humans. Here are ours.

SigBee was born “remote” with team members across the United States; and we are deliberate about communicating thoroughly and engaging deeply with each other, and getting together in person on a regular basis.  While the team is driven to  succeed  on  both  mission  and  monetary  fronts,  the  team  is  also  committed  to  enjoy the camaraderie of good team dynamics.

Alistair Deakin
Alistair has 20+ years building EHR systems for behavioral health and child welfare.  He is inspired by the potential to engage clients collaboratively and meaningfully improve the care dynamic beyond the capability of legacy systems.
Shannon Reiff
Director of Product
Shannon is an innovative former county government executive with over 22 years of experience working in human service and behavioral health county government organizations. She is driven to serve communities and is inspired by the ability to help increase workforce hope and connection to drive community outcomes.
Tony Matessa
VP Product and Marketing
Senior product and strategy executive leading and coordinating the product management, user experience and engineering prioritization and alignment for SigBee offering.  My passion is fueled by mission-driven organizations and the possibility of improving peoples’ lives.
Michael Littman
VP, Finance and Strategy
Michael brings over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience with an emphasis on financial modeling, strategic planning, budgeting, mergers and acquisitions, process improvement, and sales analytics to SigBee.
Devin Hughes
Delivery Manager
Devin is a Certified Scrum Professional who brings a fresh perspective to the problems SigBee is solving. He came to SigBee after first-hand experience with the problems organizations are having bringing on new people and retaining their existing talent in the remote and hybrid working era.
Matt Clement
Customer Success Manager
Matt has spent most of his career working in human services/child welfare and has gravitated towards SigBee because is aligns with his desire to be a part of an innovative and dedicated team working on meaningful solutions to the problems employees and employers face.
Dave Kersys
Customer Success Manager
Dave has more than 30 years of experience as an individual contributor and leader in software development, implementations, and consulting, across a wide variety of industries.  This includes more than ten years in health care environments.
Gwen Adkisson
Head of Legal
Gwen has well over 20 years of extensive experience working in the legal field.  She has worked with law firms, companies both private and public and as a freelancer.  Her experience has primarily been in the corporate, estate planning, tax, public finance and real estate sectors.
Brad Turk
Business Manager
Discovering and implementing process improvements and automation, not only in accounting but for the whole company, are some of his favorite and most impactful experiences.
Don Abney
VP of Product Engineering
Don is dedicated to leading and coaching software product organizations to a healthy balance of focused value delivery, professionalism, and sustainability. Building productive and healthy product delivery teams is a lifelong passion and continuous learning journey.
Dan Parks
Principal Software Engineer
Dan brings a desire to cohere all aspects of the applications and systems he works on. Building software is complicated enough as it is, and ensuring the design of a system is logically and aesthetically consistent is a goal he strives for in his work.
Shannon Hoffman
Director, Sales Ops/Partners
She brings experience across transformation, partner development, and sales operations.  Shannon is driven by building and growing relationships towards mutually beneficial outcomes for those involved.
Andrea Tipping
Director, Sales
After over 20 years helping state and local governments, she’s passionate about helping people secure safety net services so they can support their families and grow as a part of their greater community.
Austin, TX
Jason Manford
Executive Trainer
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Fort Collins, CO
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Boulder, CO
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Boulder, CO
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Senior Software Engineer
Job Description

We’re  looking  for  a  US-based  Senior  Software  Engineer  to  take  over  leadership  of  all engineering efforts and technology strategy.

  • Partner with the rest of business team to understand company/product vision
  • Define technology strategy/architecture in light of company/product vision
  • Player/coach to engineering team
  • Mentor and up-skill engineering team on modern practices
  • Manage and improve engineering side of SDLC
  • Establish and maintain technology roadmap (tech debt, architecture enhancements) and advocate for business priority vs. product roadmap
  • Advance practices of TDD, CI/CD, DevOps
Job Description
  • 8+ years experience in software engineering
  • 3+ years experience in senior developer and/or development manager roles
  • 3+ years experience in a mid/senior level software engineering role using React and NodeJS
  • Experience influencing technology architecture, or as architect
  • Proven experience with both web applications and mobile apps
  • Experience working in and building a remote and agile startup environment (i.e. a team size less that 10 people)
  • Experience with modern UI/UX design principles is a strong plus
  • Experience  with  modern  backend  technologies  and  API  design/best  practice  is  a  nice  to have
  • Experience collaborating within highly distributed teams is a plus
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Welcome to the SigBee Revolution.