1. Save on your 'Desktop' the attached signature file that you received from SigBee website.

2. Save on your 'Desktop' the following setup file: download here

3. From your 'Desktop' - activate (double click) the setup file 'My-SigBee-Setup'.

Having a security problem with the setup file? You can do without it. For WinXP click here. For Vista or Win7 click here

4. Click 'Setup Signature'. (You can change the signature name)

5. Click 'Finish'. (After that, you can delete both files from your 'Desktop')

6. Open 'outlook 2003' and choose 'Options' from the 'Tools' menu.

7. Click the 'Mail Format' tab.

8. Choose 'My-SigBee-Signature' in both dropdown menus.

9. To complete the process, click 'OK'.